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Baby Girl Shower

serving table

Good friend, Sarah, is having her first baby in June, and so my sister-in-law Janet, friend Amanda and myself threw her an early baby shower.  It was held at a local deli and bakery.  I had a lot of fun constructing the decorations, and I think they will make excellent future Valentine’s Day decor for my home, now that the shower is over. I’m a firm believer in the food being part of the decor, so the serving table was a highlight.   (You can find the cake pop recipe here.)

pom pom and felt garland

serving table

petite cupcakes by amanda

cake pops

dining table with serving table in background

dining table...still a few things out of place when this photo was taken

Janet's go-to table for prizes and games; and a station for donated wipes and books

diaper basket for diaper messages

cake pop party favors

my crazy, intensely creative bff has yet again thought up a fabulous idea, and she needs our help! she is on a mission to collect detailed measurements of children for the purpose of making various clothing items. you can go to her website, lula in london, to read more about her project. please help her by sending in your children’s measurements.

abc clothesline

(blurry pictures are maddening!  hopefully i can get a better camera soon!)

i used my mom-in-law’s new cricket expression to cut out these large alphabet letters.  i strung them up on jute with mini-clothespins.  i’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.  i’d like the letters to be more sturdy, but chip board would have taken a much longer time to create.

i’m working on decorating noah’s room more, because it is fairly bland.  i just have a really hard time with boy decor, but i want him to have things to look at on his walls.  my next project for his room is to make book pockets that can hang low enough for him to take books in and out of.  we have books everywhere right now, and i need accessible storage. i have a picture in my head of what this will look like, but i’ll post an actual picture once i make it!

london sparrow



say it to yourself a few times.  does it not linger on your breath with a heavy dose of whimsy and romanticism? i argue, it does.  my husband argues, it does not.

i am not pregnant, but we are going to try for our second this summer, and the idea of another baby in the forecast has me dreaming up names.  baby girl names specifically!  i do want a little girl. london has been my number one choice for many years now, but sparrow is a new development.  i saw it on a label at anthroplogie and haven’t been able to get away from it, although i have received mostly negative feedback. rrrrrrr…

i realize i have lost many readers with my lack of blog posts, but if you’re out there, what say you to this lovely name? honesty is respected, although may not be taken into account when the decision becomes imminent!

what are some of your favorite baby names that others have “opinions” on?

felt garland

the holidays have passed, but garland can have so many more purposes other than just accenting your christmas tree.  you can use  garland for a birthday party, a baby shower, a kid’s room, for that matter any room in your house, anytime!  anyway, i first saw this idea in a new book i got for christmas, homemade home, so i searched online for some other related ideas, and found tons.  felt garland!  it’s so easy, you don’t have to worry about anything unraveling if you aren’t great at sewing and it’s super cheap! here are some of my favorites from my search.





and i’m back…

how time flies.  i have totally been neglecting this blog.  not only this blog, but i haven’t really been keeping up well with my personal blog either!  this is by far the busiest season of the year for me, but i must say, despite my blogging absence, i love it.  this time of year that is.  so many family get-togethers, parties, cookie baking afternoons, shopping trips, etc…

however, i’m back!  check out this EASY diy  project i just found.  how easy would it be to find an old dresser, paint it, and throw some cool knobs on it?  my bff found amazing hardware (similar to that found in this pic) at hobby lobby. so simple and gorgeous!

love this website.  it’s very worth checking out.(photo credit: apartment therapy)

another gorgeous sofa

i’m in love. if only it weren’t $4545. ouch.



we had a couple snafu’s along the way.  matt took the doors off so that we could adhere the fabric more easily; however, getting the doors back on was very challenging, and sadly after all of the shoving and forcing, the doors are now unusable.  even so, this credenza cost us a total of $30 with the primer, paint and fabric, and it’s better than what we had before.  it’s not perfect, but we like it and it does the job!  we’ve still got to figure out how to hide the ugly cords underneath.   eye sore.

couch and credenza

Here is the couch mentioned in my last blog, with the addition of my little man sitting atop.  He crawled on it while the cushions were still off, and I thought it was too cute not to photograph.

The couch ended up in our back room, which is a bit disappointing.  I wanted it to be front and center, but I couldn’t argue with the fact that it is not the best tv-viewing sofa.move to botanical 028

Check out this beauty!  Sexy right?  This lovely credenza came from an Allstate vault, and we just happen to be in desperate need of a tv console.  Something to hide all the junk, you know?  And since we are on a budget, we decided to try to turn this baby into something we can live with.  I forgot to snap a picture before putting the first coat of primer on the top, but you can still get a pretty good idea of the ugliness factor.  I’ll post pics of the final product soon.  move to botanical 063